STEAM is an educational initiative that integrates engineering and the arts in the fields of math and science while incorporating the use of effective technology. Technology is not just the use of computers, but tools that have been engineered to improve processes.

Our initiative is a holistic teaching approach that subscribes to the concept of interdisciplinary learning. In other words, science, technology, engineering, arts, and math become intertwined to foster the most effective environment that promotes critical and creative thinking skills. Engineering is where the critical and creative thinking process begins. Our students build from there using science, math, the arts, and technology educational standards.

How STEAM supports students:

  • Helps students develop creative problem solving skills.

  • Actively engages students while tackling real world problems.

  • Encourages student development of collaboration and social skills.

  • Creates an environment that allows students to take ownership of the learning process.

Current and Past STEAM Programs:

  • 3-D Printing Capabilities

  • After-School STEAM Clubs

  • Lego WeDo Robotics

  • Science Olympiad

  • NAVY SeaPerch Underwater Robotics

  • Cubelets Robotics

  • Digital Media for Arts and Engineering

  • Weatherbug School Weather Station

  • State of the Art STEAM Lab

  • The UPS Gardens at Woodland Elementary

  • The Culinary Kids and Gardening Club

  • Partnering with the CAC to fight hunger in our community

  • Outdoor Learning Labs

  • Aquaponics Indoor Labspace